Open thesis positions

If you think that your life is not enough colourful yet, or on the contrary that you have a quite colourful personality, alternatively you are simply interested in plastids, or perhaps you took part in one of my classes and I could not scare you away from science, then do not hesitate to contact me for supervision or just for a talk. There are never enough enthousiastic and interested students… Depending on grants and collaborations, our research topics are constantly changing and evolving, so the best is to contact us directly to discuss about the actual situation. We are available here and are always open for discussions about BSc, MSc and PhD topics at any time.

’The effect of salt stress on plastid structure and function’

Description:  High soil salinity represents an increasingly threatening global problem for agriculture and humanity because it strongly affects plant growth and productivity. In spite of the many papers dealing with the effects of salt stress on crops or with the development of salt tolerant new cultivars, much less is known about the direct or indirect effects of this stress at the cellular level. In general two major components of salt stress are distinguished: an osmotic component influencing water homeostasis and an ionic component including the direct toxicity of Na+ (or Cl-) ions on cellular functions. In this project we aim to critically assess the distinct contributions of these components to physiological and ultrastructural changes observed in the plastids of salt stressed plants. We seek a highly motivated PhD candidate with fluent English (at least B2 level) and experience in plant biology.

kaposzta uj