Current and previous students, PhD students

- Roumaissa Ounoki
(in progress): The effect of salt stress on the photosynthesis of crops.

- Petra Kincses (biology MSc, 2007): Occurrence of protochlorophyll and protochlorophyllide forms and etioplasts in fruits.
- Beáta Vitányi (biology MSc, 2007): Etiolation symptoms in cotyledons of light- and dark-grown sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). (3rd Prize in 2005 and 2nd Prize in 2007 at the  Faculty competition of the Students’ Scientific Circle, 2nd Prize and Special Prize at the national competition in 2007)
- Mónika Lőrinczi (biology-environmental sciences teacher MSc, 2007): The occurrence of etiolation symptoms in plant tissues developed under natural conditions.
- Marianna Kecskés (biology-mathematics teacher MSc, 2010): The effect of mycorrhization on chlorophyll biosynthesis and plastid differentiation in pea plants.
- Adrienn Dobi (biology MSc, 2011): Plastid ultrastructure in the glandular hairs of the Lamiaceae family.
Melinda Pávai (pharmacy MSc, Semmelweis University, 2019): Analyses of secretory structures and essential oil production in rosemary.
- Adél Sóti
(biology MSc, in progress): Comparative analysis of salt and osmotic stress during greening.


- Adrienn Dobi (biology BSc, 2009): Potential use of plant anatomy in the identification of drugs – Lamiaceae family.
- Eszter Kiss (biology BSc, 2010): Anatomy and characterization of edible parts of exotic crops in the soapberry (Sapindaceae) family.
- Nóra Bubla (biology BSc, 2013): Morphological, anatomical and culturo-historical characterization of the Styrian oil pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo var. styriaca).
- Krisztina Pers (biology BSc, 2018): Occurrence of phycobilins and phycobiliproteins in nature and their potential applications - The Arthrospira genus.
- Adél Sóti (biology BSc, 2018): The effect of salt stress on plastid structure and function.   
- Sára Horváth
(biology BSc, 2019): The effect of drought stress on chloroplast structure.