Lab life - Life scenes from the laboratory

To get a taste of what's going on in the lab, have a look at the videos, podcasts, science dissemination articles and press releases below.
- Women in Science Award for Excellence video (2023) (in Hungarian)
- ELTE podcast about our article on salt stress (2023) (in Hungarian)
- Katalin Solymosi's presentation at the Hungarian Young Academy's programme in the framework of the Feast of the Hungarian Science (2022, the 10-minute presentation starts at 20:27) (in Hungarian)
- Our articles on science popularization and dissemination are available here
- Some of our press releases:
Lab group photos
2022 lab photoSummer 2022: Erzsébet Szabó (Zsóci), Katalin Solymosi, Roumaissa Ounoki, Richard Hembrom, Helga Fanni Schubert, Bernadett Szögi-Tatár, Adél Sóti, Enkhjin EnkhbilegIMG 8497 2021 smallSummer 2021: Roumaissa Ounoki, Adél Sóti, Richard Hembrom, Sára Horváth, Katalin Solymosi, Enkhjin Enkhbilegplastidlab202007July 2020: Katalin Solymosi, Ferenc Ágh, Roumaissa Ounoki, Sára Horváth, Adél Sóti, Richard Hembromplastidlab202007
July 2020: Sóti Adél, Roumaissa Ounoki, Richard Hembrom, Ferenc Ágh, Katalin Solymosi, Sára Horváth